Norwegian Mineral Industry (Norsk Bergindustri) 

Norwegian Mineral industry is an association which is open for membership from companies that prospect for, use, manage or process mineral resources in Norway or companies that are otherwise related to this industry, such as various types of suppliers.  Our purpose is to promote the interests of our members and to make these known to decisionmakers and stakeholders. Norwegian Mineral Industry was founded on March 28th 2008, when the three industry associations The Association of Norwegian Mines (BIL), The Federation of Norwegian Stone Industry (SIL) and the Norwegian Aggregates Producers Association (PGL) decided to merge in order to join forces to promote their members interests.

The Norwegian extraction industry has an annual turnover of approximately NOK 14 billion and according to NGU, employed more than 6000 workers in 2014. It is a major industry in many regions with Rogaland, Finnmark, Nordland, Møre og Romsdal og Vestfold as some of the most important counties. The export value of minerals in Norway during 2014 was approximately NOK 7,5 billion incl. Norwegian coal mines on Svalbard. 71% of the volume in the trade is crushed stone and gravel; there are very few ore mines left, while the industry minerals are increasing in importance. Quarrying and processing of stone for buildings, monuments, exterior projects and to an increasing degree also for interior use is also an important part of the industry.

The Mineral Act came into force 1. January 2010 (English version available here https://www.regjeringen.no/globalassets/upload/nhd/vedlegg/lover/mineralsact_translation_may2010.pdf   , together with regulations https://www.regjeringen.no/globalassets/upload/nhd/vedlegg/lover/mineralsact_regulations_translation_may2010.pdf)

Our organization's vision is a strong and united Norwegian mineral industry. Our core values are Long Term, Inclusive, Brave, Open and Responsible.

The Board's strategy for our organization focuses on networking arenas and positive visibility as key factors for developing new possibilities for the Norwegian mineral industry, based on our work for predictable and sound framework conditions.  

Increased visibility towards governments and other target groups is very important in order to gain political impact. To structure these efforts, Norsk Bergindustri developed a communication strategy in 2013. One of the most important initiatives to increase our visibility is the development of a new website for the organization. The communication strategy will be reviewed during 2016.

Norwegian Mineral Industry in a good dialogue with the Norwegian authorities. Norway got it's first mineral strategy in march 2013. The government which was elected in September 2013 has defined mineral industry as a focal area. Norsk Bergindustri has voiced that predictability in planning processes, sustainability, access to relevant competence and relations to stake holders are among the most important challenges for the industry. We have also voiced that the authorities and the Sami Parliament should sit down together and clear out those matters that keeps the Sami Parliament from accepting the Mineral Act. When it comes to deposition solutions, Norway practices deposition in the sea under strict control regimes. Norwegian Mineral Industry aims to document that this practice can be according to Best Practice.

Efforts towards political actions are crucial to us. The present government described the mineral industry as a key focus area in their political platform. In 2015 two mine projects have achieved their final discharge permits as well as a final approval of the regulation of the mine area. However the geophysical exploration program at the Norwegian geological survey was removed during budgetary discussions, which was a huge disappointment. We will continue our work to change politics and make a better future for the Norwegian mineral industry. 

To everyone with business activities in Norway, it's important that the industry has a strong organization which focus on enhanced political-, industrial- and economic conditions for the Norwegian mineral industry. 

If you are interested in the Norwegian mineral or mining industry or in becoming a member, please contact us on epost@norskbergindustri.no 

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